About Us

About Us

New Food Cultures Brought forth by Globalization

The revolution in information technology acutely has placed the international society into waves of globalization. In Japan also, the traditional culture and customs have been changing because of globalization impacts.
Such impacts prevail in Japanese food culture as well. For example, homemade cuisine can offer new menus and new ingredients. Driven by trends of the low birthrate, aging population, and women’s increased participation in the society, people look for delicious and easy-to-cook dishes.
As a company specialized in the field of food, we believe it is the first priority to present a variety of food well adapted to different needs of the society, taking such a new trend in food culture into full consideration.

“Goshoku Group”, a total food enterprise

We, Goshoku Group, are a “global food company” doing all kinds of businesses in the food industry. By the best use of our sufficient financial ground and sound corporate climate, since the foundation in 1948, we have been trying to find out an answer to a basic question “what a food company should do for the society”, and have been taking on an energetic challenge in food business. Our products, primarily processed seafood, have come to be items essential to the Japanese food culture.

At the same time, keeping in mind our corporate motto set forth at the time of the corporate foundation, “the world throughout is our market”, we have been enhancing R & D capabilities to bring forth new products best adapted to changing times, actively launching into the global food market so as to contribute to the consumers domestic and overseas as well.

Global Merchandiser Satisfying Gourmets Worldwide

Making the most of our abilities of procuring abundant high-quality ingredients and developing and processing delicious and high-quality food products, we have become a leading company of seafood products. But we shall not stop there. In the future, we will reinforce developing and procuring capabilities of innovative food, not limited to seafood products, and we will broaden our food network all over the world to promote our food business.

“Presenting deliciousness throughout the world”. Based on this vision, we will speed our global food business in a more positive way.

We look forward to your uninterrupted interest in our products and our corporate activities.

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