Grobal Business

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Global Food Business
We are one of the leading companies specialized in Japanese groceries as a manufacturer, trader and wholesaler.
We are a world-class squid specialist.

We are doing worldwide business of various products such as seafood, agricultural and livestock products, and processed food. In response to high needs of Japanese food now popular all over the world, we export high-quality Japanese food materials and processed food to Asia, Europe and North America.

2. Manufacturers
We develop and manufacture processed food in Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Our experience and know-how built up for half a century gain high evaluation from the consumers. At the same time, our products are under control conforming to a strict quality control standard equivalent to HACCP.

3. Wholesalers
With the licenses authorized to make a deal in the major Japanese markets, we are buying a variety of processed seafood and selling our products to various sales channels.

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