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Raw Materials

Raw MaterialsBeing a product manufacturer, we understand how crucial it is to have access to the best and most affordable raw materials in order to remain competitive in today’s global society. Since competition now comes from all the corners of Earth, it follows that we actively scour the planet to find new and better sources.

From the northern latitudes of Japan to the Antarctic Ocean, along the warm waters of the Andaman Sea all the way to Peru, our local network constantly gathers information, which is in turn actively analyzed, processed and incorporated into our knowledge base. Our specialists are dedicated to matching demand with the best offers available worldwide, be it squid from the Sea of Japan, Chilean sea bass, Indian cuttlefish or Alaskan king crab.

Japanese Groceries

Japanese GroceriesJapanese food is renowned the world over for its healthy properties, its careful selection and use of ingredients and, above all, for its exquisite and delicate taste. As a consequence, there is a growing demand for Japanese groceries to be served both to retail chains supplying an increasing number of individual users as well as professional restaurateurs and other food service ventures.

However, this consistently high demand, the particulars of the Japanese distribution system and an array of other factors often lead to gaps and distortions in the supply chain. Goshoku puts at its customer’s service its consolidated position in Japan, good relations with manufacturers and international know-how bringing Japan’s best to your refrigerators and shelves.

Frozen Food

Delicious, innovative products coming from our own creative talent pool and world-class facilities make year after year sales successes in the competitive Japanese market. Supermarkets, convenience stores and direct sales services are some of the channels through which the World enjoys our products.

However, a company with such a strong international vocation doesn’t limit itself to one market and one activity. To expand our scope, we partner with top foreign makers that share Goshoku’s high standard of quality, service and innovation. Only in this way it is possible to enjoy the good position that we have secured in the ever-demanding Japanese market, as well as a sustained growth internationally.


Japan is a land of subtle flavors, delicate textures and sophisticated tastes. Only the most carefully selected materials are used to manufacture an extensive catalogue of delicacies mostly unknown in the foreign market.

Superior grade ingredients are combined and elevated to their highest to be fully enjoyed by the educated palate. Finely cut salmon flakes, succulent fish roe, tasty wasabi octopus... These Japanese classics are now prepared to entice the World.

Equally important to the superior quality of the raw materials used, the visual arrangement including color and packaging as well as the effort invested in every step of the manufacturing process are the simple, but elusive “secret ingredients” that all of our top-notch products are made with. Indulge yourself.

Sweets & Snacks

Bringing you the best also includes making those idle moments sweeter. Our several lines of sweets and snacks adhere to the same demanding standards as the rest of our products, and conform to the same ideal of excellence and quality.

Selected fruits are dried and their natural sweetness revealed to achieve a perfect combination of flavor and health. Mango, citrus fruits, figs, pineapples, and apples will make you stop for a minute and transport you to a world of exuberant taste and fragrance. All with a Vitamin boost!

But we also have something for the adventurous: sweet and sour seaweed snacks, saucy squid and other snacks that will bring a taste of Asia to your pocket to be enjoyed at any moment, just like all the Japanese consumers that choose us as their favorite companion everyday.

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